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                  Aluminum plastic PP-R Product description
                      Hai heng aluminum-plastic pp-r pipe system is my company independent development of new water pipe system, it adopts advanced hot melt connection technology, the strength of the joints are much higher than the strength of the pipe itself, and low cost, completely solve the card sleeve, the viega profi-press pipe leakage and rust, and easy installation, reliable performance, its comprehensive pp-r pipe system, the advantages of aluminous model multiple tube, galvanized pipe system, is the traditional pipeline system of updated products. The production of the aluminum plastic pp-r pipe is specially designed for the internal bushing to insulate the impact of the inner flow of the pipe to the pipe cutting, prevent the pipe from degumming, and improve the service life of the tube. Aluminum-plastic pp-r pipe is composed of five layers, the middle for thin-wall aluminum tubes (using ultrasonic welding), the outer layer is the PP - R, the inner layer is PE or PP - R, plastic and metal are between layer and layer can glue hot glue, compounded by high temperature and high pressure co-extrusion, five layers multivariate have PP - R and PE in the polymer materials have stable chemical properties, clean non-toxic, odorless, corrosion resistance, light weight, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, not fine characteristics such as scale, is the general plumbing pipe product of choice for consumers.

                  I. Piping system welding key points:
                      Hot melt connection mode is used to connect pipes and pipe fittings, are not allowed to directly set of silk on pipe and pipe fittings, connections and metal pipes and other water must be used with metal insert or flanged fittings, and follow the metal pipe installation specification.
                      The construction of hot melt connection must use the supporting pipe fittings provided by our company, and operate according to the operation specification and thermal fusion connection technology parameter to ensure the quality of piping system.
                  Welding construction shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the technical parameters of the operation, can't turn in the process of heating and splice pipe fitting, allowed to weld pipe and pipe fittings of a few seconds () refers to the cooling time adjust the fitting position, after normal welding a uniform sealing ring.
                      After construction, the tube can be sealed and used after acceptance.

                  III. Scope of application
                      Residential hot and cold water supply system (95 ℃ or less)
                  1.Gas piping system and hazardous material delivery are prohibited. Industrial water and chemical transport and emission (with no corrosive effect on the pipeline)
                  2.It is forbidden to use in high temperature and high pressure and with corrosive places for piping systems. Water, pure water pipes
                  3.Dark pipe laying will increase the service life of piping system. Compressed air tube (pressure should be lower than the value) beverage production conveying system other industry and agriculture and raw speech piping


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